Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Palma, Mallorca

While Miami and London buzz, Mallorca sleeps. We're hibernating in preparation for our season - a couple more months to go! Here is a frosty February day to remind you why you love Mallorca!

Ma x

Monday, 27 February 2012

Friday, 24 February 2012

Reasons to love Kevin Spacey

A few reasons we want to be K- Space's friend ...

We love The Old Vic and would like free tickets. We also love The Old Vic Tunnels, obviously. A real London gem of a location

His mentor was the legendary man - in - a - frock, Jack Lemmon 

He sings like a crooner.

Seven means he is pals with Morgan Freeman. We would like to know M-Freez too. Also, the fact that he went unmentioned in Seven's ads and opening credits to add to the suspense at the end is pretty cool. (True Artist)

The Usual Suspects / A Time to Kill / Bugs Life /  Life of David Gale / American Beauty 

He has a Star on the Boulevard.

...and he looks sharp as a pin in a Kent & Curwen suit. 

These are the daily discussions we have here in the TPF London office, so when we got to produce this diamond we were thrilled. Shot in a private dressing suite on Savile Row Mr. Spacey looks dii-vine! Fit for a King (Richard III, hehe)

Love London x

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ohhh LOOK!

Lotta love for our London - produced New Look shoot for Kelly Brook's new undies in the lovely Look!
More here and of course on here our website www.theproductionfactory.com

Who: Kelly Brook
Where: Mapesbury Road via London
Photographer: Ben Riggott
Stylist: Kate Rose-Marie @ Stella
Hair: Jonathan Malone @ Models 1 Creative
Make Up: Ginni Bogado @ Carol Hayes


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Behind the scenes in Miami

All joking aside, we are LOVING this shoot. We get to really show off Miami in all it's tropicana citrus glory!

No models were harmed during the shooting of this campaign. See, she's ok! Honest!

 M x

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Is it a girl band? No, it's TPFL

If you want to work here, the uniform is black and leopard print, mm-k? Hope you got the e mail... :/


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Our Tim Pateman Trim ...

Well, well, well. What lucky TPFL-ers we are. Hair stylist Tim Pateman from Phamous popped into our offices to pamper our locks, because we love him THAT MUCH. Tim has tousled the barnets of house hold names galore - if it's good enough for Girls Aloud, it's good enough for us! 

We have worked with Tim on such beauties as Gieves & Hawkes, TM Lewin and Freddy. THANK YOU!! Our Tim - trims are divine!!!

London x

Friday, 3 February 2012

Pull the udder one...

It's finally out! The shoot we produced for White Stuff via London on a very cold grey November day. The images for this brochure were taken over a few days with a variety of teams. On location we headed over to Pondtail Farm... while us lucky ones were sat in the warmth of TPFL Towers, Laura and the team wrapped up warm - and bombarded us with photos of cows...

Moooo. Now look at that miserable sky, and look at what a great job photographers Tomo Brejc & Joe McGorty did with the lighting to make that into a lazy hazy summer morning! HOWEVER, this Spring catalogue for White Stuff has really made us blush here in TPFL HQ!! Cowmasutra, and very risqué Milk Man jokes!!

And it was over to The Lanterns for the studio Milk Maid shots!


What: White Stuff, Spring 2012
Where: Pondtail Farm & The Lanterns
Who: Thea @ Models 1, David Ferguson @ Ugly, Adam H @ Select, Gerard Smith @ Models 1, Marta @ Models 1
Photographer: Joe McGorty (Mens) Tomo Brejc (Milk Maid & Milkman)

Love (a still blushing) London!