Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pied A Terre

Lovely shooot! Lots of block popping colour and clean lines made up our Piet Mondrian-esque London - produced shoot for Pied A Terre. 

We love an art reference here at The Production Factory, especially when we've got the painting; Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red - from 1942 in our very own Tate Modern!! These beauties were shot by one of our favourite photographers of the moment, and seriously the nicest guy ever - Aitken Jolly. Beautiful.

Who: Ragnhild @ IMG
What: Pied A Terre
When: 1st June
Where: London
Photographer: Aitkin Jolly @ Serlin Associates
Art Director: Mitchell Belk
Stylist: Michelle Duguid @ Ellison Lee
Hair: Lok Lau @ CLM
Make Up: Kate Lindsey @ CLM


In Mallorca...

... its 37 degrees and we're hard at work. New PF T Shirts, a topaz sea and a white beach.

We've even had to bring our own PF shade!


Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Our London team headed to Yucca Valley in Cally for this HOT production in the desert. We've got behind the scenes pictures galore to show you, and can't wait for the brochure to arrive... but for now, the desert shots ...

It was 110 degrees in the shade for this shoot. YES, IN THE SHADE, and the team did a fantastic job considering they were literally baking ... that's chips-cooking temperature, I'm sure!

Where is Yucca Valley you ask..? Got a little map for you here so you can get your baring!

What: Poetry
Where: Yucca Valley via London
Who: Corinna Drengk @ Storm, Daria @Premier, Nane @ Models 1
Photographer: David Oldham @ LGA
Stylist: Emily Fitch Miller
Hair: Tim Pateman @ Phamous


Wednesday, 11 July 2012


We love Krispy Kreme!!! They celebrated their 75th Birthday by handing out trays of Doughnuts to us local Covent Garden party goers...

Now we love Krispie Kreme even more!!! Happy Birthay you delicious bunch!


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

White Stuff High Summer 2012

White Stuff High Summer 2012 is out and its DELICIOUS! The team packed up and headed to the Isle of Wight where TPF London produced this beach breeze and meadow filled shoot with the beautiful Sif from Models 1

Lovely isn't it! It makes us want to quit London for a while and go and pot plants while living in a caravan in the country side. 

Who: Sif @ Models 1
What: White Stuff High Summer 2012
Where: Isle of Wight via London
When: 22nd May
Art Director: Mei An Collier
Photorapher: Kristin Perers
Stylist: Charlotte Austwick
Hair & Make Up: Dina @ Soho Management

See more of our White Stuff shoots at www.theproductionfactory.com

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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Alexa for Vero Moda

 We love Alexa here at TPF, and we're not alone, she is a beauty! We produced the summer campaign for clothing brand Vero Moda, and we are ACTUALLY in love with the range. Bank balances have been hit hard in the aftermath of this shoot!

I don't usually do this, but I have been  drawn in by the whole shebang, and Vero Moda's website and blog are to die for ... please look at these beautiful clothes, I feel like it is my duty to pass on these gems ...

Getting that Flamingo dress. It would appear that one of our Miami team had a bit of an effect on Miss Chung... well, well, well ... it must be the Tropicana heat! (;

See a ton more images on our website and our Facebook page - we have a whole album dedicated to putting Miami on a pedestal


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Monday, 2 July 2012

Summer at White Stuff

Summer is here (ahem) and White Stuff is out.  Even though it's a gray day, these shots can put a smile on our faces!

THIS, is Timmy. He is a miniature Donkey. We shot him at Jet Studios with the beautiful Heidi Rock. He was a last minute addition to the shoot - and OH! LOOK AT THAT FACE!!

Timmy is a bit of a shy bairn, he wouldn't come to the shoot without his beat pal, a Shetland Pony. Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever heard..?!?

Who: Heidi Rock @ Premier
What: White Stuff Summer 2012
When: April 2012
Where: Jet Studios
Photographer: Mark Shearwood
Stylist: Rachel Caulfield
Hair & Make Up: Michael Gray
Prop Stylist: Helen MacIntyre