Thursday, 22 March 2012

Boux Avenue

Late last spring it we headed to Stevenage for this beauty of a Boux shoot... A stunner of a location from jj Locations; it's history goes back to Saxon times used by the kings of Mercia. True story.

We shot in a Red Brick Manor House that was built in 1700, and on the gorgeous Verandah from 1905. So grand and lush with green it is a really tranquil place... and even with the crew there it remained that way ... honest.

Kim Palmer and James Stroud are a Boux pro team, we've worked with them since the conception of Theo Paphitis' lingerie brand last year and long may we produce such Boux Belles! 

Who: Theresa Moore @ Union Models
Where: via jj Locations, via London
Art Director: Kim Palmer
Photographer: James Stroud
Stylist: Hillary Owen @ Soho
Hair: Jonathan Malone @ Models 1
Make Up: Sara Raeburn @ Models 1

London x

T for two

Just look at all the lovely new colours our PF Ts come in!! The brightest of pink for me please! Check out Queen Liz eyeing up the yellow


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Esprit Kids

Esprit has gone mad for colour this season, (Gisele can't get enough of it, see!) and we were given the task of producing the super colourful, super cute S/S 2012 Kids Wear shoot ... FUN!!!

We've said it before, we'll say it again ... Whoever said never work with kids or animals didn't work here!! We are old hands, and they are some of our favourite shoots!! We produced this beauty at Milk Studios in New York back in October, and there were many MANY kids... even the call sheet agrees...

...see! Too many to list!! There were teens, kids and babies to shoot, a really full two days - the product of which can be seen on our website - We love the post production on these shots by Loupe, playful shadows, just like Peter Pan.

The photographer/stylist dream team of Stefano Azario and Jet Vervest are amazing to work with and it helps that they are no strangers to kids shoots!! 

A little more here, 15-30 seconds... all us (;

Where: Milk Studios, New York via London
Photographer: Stefano Azario
Stylist: Jet Vervest
Art Director: Thorsten Ruhnau
Hair & Make Up: Brent Lavett @Art - Department
Post Digi: Loupe Imaging

London x

Monday, 19 March 2012

A.C Teen Vogue

Alexa Chung's Twitter pic is from our Teen Vogue shoot, We love it too AC!! See the whole shoot here... and here

(HAHAH - nice re-tweet :/ !!)

London x

Friday, 16 March 2012

Liz & Wills are in Miami...

Ever wondered what Wills and his Gran get up to when they're not opening hospitals and busying themselves with general Jubilee business? Well now you know, we get em working hard in the Miami office...

Liz takes no nonsense on the phone...

"option, option, confirm, confirm" she's a natural 


Road Trippin'

Day 1 from our LA Road Trip with New Look


Thursday, 15 March 2012

TM Lewin

We are over the moon with this TM Lewin brochure we produced here in London. It's so classic and chic, we can't stop passing it around the Producer Table! Shot by photographer Karena Perronet Miller who we have worked with on such campaigns as Harvey Nichols, Sanex and Philips - and who is a regular visiter to our Casting Corner!

DID YOU KNOW that there are 41 hand-stitched pieces in every T.M.Lewin shirt? Well we didn't either but it's true, and there are a million and one other facts about the expertise and craftsmanship that goes into each piece. They are running a competition over on their website launching tomorrow, head on over to be in with the chance of winning:

First prize: £1,898 to spend on T.M.Lewin products (can you guess why we selected this value?)
Second prize: 12 free T.M.Lewin shirts - that’s one for every month of the year! 
Third prize: £156 to spend on T.M.Lewin products!

Here we go, a bit of history about the Jermyn St brand... DID YOU KNOW that they were among the first to make shirts "like jackets" - instead of having to pull it on over their head, a gentleman didn't have to re-do their hair after putting on their shirt! Simple things...

Who: Jayne Moore @ IMG, Barney Lee @ Select, Anthony Vilbert & Gelati @ Models 1, Darya Areshtovych @ FM Models
Where: Park Royal Studio 4 via London
Digital: Pixi Pixel
Special Blog Love for Flash Film. These guys are the salt 'o the earth!

London x

More M&S

Little trip to M&S Covent Garden, and it's just like being back in the office!!

So in love with this Autograph campaign, more of which can be seen on our website

Our London - produced Indigo campaign looks great in store!!

L x

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

New Look in LA


With the silver-screen release of Jack Kerroack's "Generation defining" novel - On The Road this summer, we've got Road Trip fever here at TPFL. London produced this California Cadillac - cool story for New Look's S/S 2012 collection, and it's got us craving an adventure!

The team were road trippin' 13th - 21st November, and taking in all the California hot spots, Mulholland Drive, Venice Beach, the Walk of Fame in a whole array of Candy colours, tribal prints and beautiful maxi's that have us reaching for the sunnies. If we keep this heater blasting, with the weather we've been having here in London we can almost SMELL the summer!

Those of us TPF-ers who were desk-bound in London town were keeping a keen eye on Photographer Rhys Frampton's photo diary as he updated it with beautiful scenes of LA sunsets, as the road trip unfolded...

Make sure you take a look at Rhys' Instagram diary, there are many beauties over there to make you green with envy!! And after that? Head on over to New Look TV for behind-the-scenes videos galore! SPOT THE TPFL CREW!!

What: New Look SS 2012
Who: Inga @ Elite
Where: LA Road Trip via London
Photographer: Rhys Frampton
Stylist: Jo Phillips @ Carol Hayes
Hair: Kenna @ Terrie Tanaka
Make Up: Adam De Cruz @ The Book

PS - Waiting with baited breath for this film... We've got a taste for life on the highway now, it had better be good!!

London x

Lisa Snowdon on Location

Loving Lisa Snowdon's behind the scenes twit pics from our London - produced M&S shoot in Cape Town last week. Can't wait to see the final images!!

@Lisa_Snowndon for more to make our Covent Garden view seem some what inadequate!

London x

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Oh ta HJH PR!

Lovely snap form the team at HJH PR. It was A PLEASURE working with you and the Clothing at Tesco team! Come back soon, in Miami, the work is never done...

Miami x

M&S Indigo

 We shot this beauty of a campaign for M&S's Indigo Spring Summer 2012 collection. The team here in London headed down to The Ragged School in the Borough, which is a real treat in itself...

Opened in 1907 by the Marquis of Northampton, the "Ragged School" meaning a free school for the impoverished children of London was the location in which - "The noisy crowd of London's dirtiest & most ragged children" were educated - (Right Hon R.K. Causton MP) and since then, the building has had a typically London history. St Mary's Working Girls took over the premises during WWII, in the 60s until the mid 80s it housed a Gentleman's Club. In 1995 artist Zanna acquired the property which is now used as a shoot location, studio and exhibition space.

The area is fascinating; on the corner of Union St and Redcross Way ... this is a site of a plague pit, and later a mass unconsecrated graveyard for the Winchester Geese. Prostitution was a legal profession in Borough under the Liberty of the Clink and this mass burial ground was only closed in 1853. 

When excavation for the Jubilee line was under way, they uncovered hundreds of bodies. It's believed that this is only a fraction, and that 15,000 nameless bodies are buried beneath. WE LOVE THESE LONDON HISTORY FACTS!! More here.

Back to The Ragged School. The location was used for its beautiful , delicate wax-like wall. Very porous which marked - and would have melted easily. Lights and humans had to remain at a safe distance!! Its a very eclectic location. So many artefacts and carefully picked items lined the living areas, which can be seen on the website.

Also for this shoot we were really excited to work with photographer Marc Hom, (who has shot for Gucci, Max Mara, W Magazine, and Vogue to name but a few) he really captured the carefree essence of the line. WE LOVE!!

What: M&S Indigo
Where: The Ragged School SE1 via London
Stylist: Amanda Bellan @ Angeki & Co
Hair: Karin Birgler @ D&V
Make-Up: Max Delorme @ L'Atelier