Thursday, 22 December 2011


We're OUTTA HERE!! Have a lovely Christmas!! See you all in the New Year

Love as always, TPF


Wednesday, 21 December 2011


The hard copy of this little beauty just landed on the Producer's table. Sam produced this stunning shoot in London's Brick Lane for the December issue of S Moda and I'm very in love...

Photographer Emma Tempest went above and beyond for these images - while shooting she was hit by a car, and the camera was knocked out of her hand... Luckily it didn't effect the final product, PH-EW!!

Swooning over the 70s bug eye specks...

What: S Moda, December issue
Who: Adina @ IMG & Maria P @ Models 1
Where: East London
Photographer: Emma Tempest
Stylist: Isabel Moralejo
Make Up: Kate Lindsey
Hair: Halley Brisker

There are many more shots from the shoot to peruse over on our website

Love London


Merry Christmas from Miami!

Wish you were here..?


Sam's Christmas message to clients ...

As subtle as a brick, as always. Merry Christmas from our Sam in Miami! 


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Party!!

We headed to the beautiful Paradise Pub for our Christmas Lunch yesterday, a real London treasure. All giddy with excitement from the delivery of the Reindeer we were bouncing off the walls. Our Rudolphs came with - obviously!

Turkey Dinner all round, it was too much for one little TPFL-er!

Pub pup Beyonce!! Lisa got Bey in her bag... But we lost her somewhere between cocktails and the Carol Hayes party at The Groucho...

It was GAME ON to get the best shot of Rudolph...

and this one won, Gok and our Clare.

Although if you ask me this was a close 2nd... It was ALWAYS going to end in (Louise's) tears. Disco Roadkill. Murder on the dance floor...

Carol, and everyone at Carol Hayes, we had an AMAZING night - thank you so much!! You kept us dancing all night long.

Lots of Love, And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!



Monday, 19 December 2011



Look what we got for Christmas from Production Manager Laura...

We were like... well kids on Christmas morning when the (very embarrassed) courier dropped these beauties off. One for everyone in the office, don't know if this can be beaten EVER. Thank god they arrived the morning of the party, we think they might be joining us..!


Gieves & Hawkes, fit for a King

Believe it or not, we're not Savile Row - obsessed geeks over here, but we do like a good story and a bit of history!! It just so happens that most of the shoots we produce have a really good bit of London history to accompany them!

When we produced this Gieves & Hawkes shoot at their new Flagship store at No.1 Savile Row we were informed that weeks before Prince William himself had been in the very bespoke tailoring room that we were shooting in, getting measured for his engagement suit. How about that for adding a bit of London Tradition to a shoot?! He's a regular, the future King. If it's good enough for him, it's good enough for us folk at TPFL...

Where: Savile Row via London
Photographer: Lorenzo Agius


Friday, 16 December 2011


Cu-uutest Christmas present to date!! Look at this Love Hearts Christmas Tree that the Christmas Angels at Bonnie & Betty sent us!! Keeping the Production Factory-ers greedy mitts off this long enough to take a photo was a challenge and a half, I'm telling you!!



Thursday, 15 December 2011


And here we have it. See, Lou even has the sunnies! We produced this Esprit Kids shoot with the main focus on the perfect models. These little beauts were cast purely on their edgy look and amazing personalities. They say never work with kids or animals, but we think we've got it down to a T!

What: Esprit Kids
Where: NYC via London
Photographer: Stefano Azario


Louise ... for Esprit?

Just preparing a lovely blog post about our Esprit Kids shoot and as if by magic look at this little beauty. The perfect candidate. Shame this was 20 years ago... Our Louise FINALLY bought in her baby photo for our wall of fame. Now all we need is Ellis, Zuki and Renee ... 

Girls, you have until January 3rd or heads will roll!! Will show you the wall of fame as soon as it's complete and in our lovely new HQ on Betterton Street. 

Love London x

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

TM Lewin take it to the street

Here we were set the always exciting task to street cast professionals in The City for TM Lewin's campaign. Seriously, it's how we imagine live TV, you never know what you're going to come up with! Luckily we found these beauties...

The models ranged from Lawyers to Bankers and as you can see, were all on location in London Town around the square mile.

Many many more of these over at

What: TM Lewin
Who: City Boys of all ages
Where: London. VERY London!!
Photographer: Leo Cackett


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Old School Mountain Force, Clark Gable and some facts for a Tuesday

Ant & Louise produced these beauties with creative wonders Fresh Britain for prestigious Ski wear company Mountain Force. The Mountain Force guys are renowned for their old school techniques, quality and attention to detail - using traditional tools and processes that have remained the same for hundreds of years and are passed down from generation to generation... SO, to show this craftsmanship in all its glory, where better to shoot the story than Davies & Son, 38 Savile Row; the oldest independent tailor on the street that is famed the world over.

We headed down to The Row to shoot here, using a real cutter who works at Davies & Son to make sure we captured Mountain Force’s brands values. Back in 1803 when Davies & Son was established, the founder - Thomas Davies tailored for non other than Admiral Lord Nelson himself. This obviously led to a stampede of naval officers keen to order their uniforms and civilian suits at their Admiral's bespoke tailor.

By 1804 Davies & Son claimed to dress "all the crowned heads of Europe". Over the last 208 years, the leading exponents of the traditional English cut have dressed Kings, including George V, who had a private dressing room in the Hanover Street store, President Harry Truman, Calvin Klein, Michael Jackson as well as Hollywood royalty Tyrone Power and Rhett Butler himself Clark Gable – to name a few. It was the perfect choice for this brief, don’t you agree? Bet old Clark-ie wishes he had a Mountain Force jacket!

And while I'm at it, why not. I've got a fact for you... In Japanese, a western - style suit is called "sebiro (sey-b-row)" taken directly from the street name. Bet you didn't know that!

Where: Davies & Son, Savile Row, London
What: Mountain Force
Who: Authentic Savile Row Tailor
Creative: Fresh Britain

For more images from the shoot see


Monday, 12 December 2011

Aubin & Wills AW Collection

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, oh I do like to be beside the sea!

Having a little chat in TPF HQ about some of our favourite shoots - This one has to be up there. Aubin & Wills beautiful shoot, where we had fish and chips with some legends... and some seagulls! With pictures of Gemma Arterton's new Vampire film all over the papers last week, featuring the burnt out pier in the back ground (read all about it here), it's got us reminiscing...

Last year we rocked up on Hastings (pebble) beach and festival'd with Roisin Murphy and Blur's Alex James for Aubin and Wills A/W collection. It was the first and last fashion shoot to take place on Hastings Pier. The first, because the pier had been closed since 2006 for being unsafe, not even waif-like models were allowed to set foot there.

It took our Renee two months of research and smooth talking to get our team permission to shoot on the famous board walk. The place had been closed down by the council and pier-dwellers, staff and shop keepers alike were given 24 hours notice to vacate the place. Fast forward to 4am on a blustery autumn morning, TPFL team show up and the whole place is like a ghost town, shelves still stocked, newspapers lying around... very chilling, but PERFECT for this beautiful shoot!

It was the last shoot, as we all know - very soon after the shoot took place the pier burnt to the ground. It wasn't us, honest. It's so very sad, but it makes these images a part of history. And on a plus, the pier has recently been awarded £357,400 of Lottery funding to get it back up and running... so every cloud...
Let's take a moment for the beautiful pier in its heyday.

- and incase you missed it... rocked, Blur, Rosin, pebble... get it? (;

Where: Hastings via London
What: Aubin & Wills A/W 2010
Photographer: Tom Craig
Stylist: Bay Garnett @ LGA
Love from London x