Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Queens White Bits ...

Nudity, bunting and a puppyyyy, it can only mean one thing! Our PF Jubilee Hamper has arrived at White Stuff


Liz has just shown up ...

At M&S. Pimm's o'clock over there!!


Liz is ...

This just in, Liz is at Boxer enjoying her PF hamper. Hurry back from Burmingham pet, you're needed in London Town!


The Queen is at Boux

Our hampers have arrived at Boux Avenue, getting all Jubilee over there!



Here in London it's a pretty huge week for us! We are celebrating the Queen's Jubilee - and here at TPFL we are doing it in style!

Yum yum. PF jam and PF scones! S'cuse us, I think it's Pimms o'clock!


Kelly Brook back for New Look

We hung out with this little sweetheart, Gabriel the Bulldog on Brighton Pier for a Best of British shoot for Kelly Brook's 1st clothing range for New Look...


And what a beauty of a day it was! Or was it ... the images may tell one story, but this mid - April day way COLD, and it rained on and off, but looking at these shots, you'd never of guessed it! Kelly struck pose after pose in her 50s style collection, inspired by the ever desirable Bridgette Bardot - we'd like to get our hands on a bit of that!

Fish, Chips and gelati for lunch, the paparazzi were on hand, just like in La Dolce Vita! Kelly says that the below dress is her favourite, with its Italian print.

The last shot of the day, freezing in a tiny swimwear play suit, ever the professional Kelly looked gorgeous, and convinces us all that this is the mid 30s!

Who: Kelly Brook
What: New Look, Kelly Brook's range
Where: Brighton via London
When: 11th April 2012
Photographer: Dean Freeman @ Kayte Ellis
Stylist: Tracey Lea Sayer
Hair: Christian Wood @ Premier Hair & Make Up
Make Up: Vanessa Guallar
Main Event: Gabriel the British Bulldoggie!


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Macallan - The Production

This was the production of a life time. Back in November our Ant flew from London to New York to produce The Macallan shoot. The Macallan have teamed up with legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz for the third installment in their Masters of Photography series, and we are thrilled to have been involved!

Previous campaigns have been shot by Rankin and Albert Watson, and Macallan say, that for them Leibovitz is "the last word in photography. The annual Masters of Photography series is all about bringing together the art of whiskey making with an artist's interpretation of the world of The Macallan." We couldn't put it better. As you can see, the campaign was shot in and around New York, with our favourite shot, above taken atop the Tudor City building...

using the dramatic New York skyline as a backdrop, echoing the iconic structure of whiskey. 

Annie Leibovitz shares her thoughts on The Macallan blog: “I am the first colour photographer chosen by The Macallan for its Master of Photography series.  Prior to this I hadn’t realised how complicated and deep the distilling process is. That warmth and richness is what I tried to bring to the photographs. Kevin McKidd drove the imagery. Where Kevin comes from and his rugged good looks are what the photographs are all about. It wasn’t casting, it’s authentic.”

Actor Kevin McKidd was cast in the role of leading man. You'll know him from  Grey’s Anatomy and more importantly Trainspotting. Amazingly, KMc is from Elgin, just a few miles away from the home of Macallan - where he even worked as a young man!  Kevin told The Macallan blog: “This project is very special to me. Having worked at The Macallan distillery in my youth I remain a Macallan drinker to this day, so to be asked by The Macallan to be part of this campaign was a huge honour. Annie Leibovitz is a living legend.  To be photographed by her is a once in a lifetime experience”.

There are 1,000 limited edition bottles in the range, each versions contains one of four unique single malts, crafted to reflect the mood of the signed Annie Leibovitz print that it is paired with. A further four individually customised bottles of The Macallan 1949, celebrating the year Annie Leibovitz was born, will also be released.  These customised bottles are each accompanied by a signed one-off gallery-sized print and will go on a world exhibition tour of Hong Kong, Moscow and New York and will be available with a reserve price of $25,000. We'll take 2!

We adore how much thought an detail went into this shoot, and the entire production of the collaboration. Here goes the who, what, where...

Who: Kevin McKidd
What: The Macallan, Masters of Photography
Where: New York via TPF London
When: November - December 2011
Photographer: Annie Leibovitz
Stylist: Sean Spellman
Behind the Scenes: Mark Schafer


Monday, 28 May 2012

Annie Leibovitz for The Macallan in NYC

We sent our Ant to New York for a really exciting shoot - and here is a sneak peek of behind the scenes - with ANNIE LEIBOVITZ!! More to follow, watch this space for the finals! 


We're getting Euro 2012 ready ...

TPFL is now part bachelor pad. Bring on Euro 2012 ... now we just need the London-produced M&S lion shoot, life-size on the other wall ... 


Friday, 25 May 2012

Label Lab

We are really enjoying these Label Lab shots that we produced at Blossom Street Studios at the end of January. We particularly like that photographer has pulled the camera back to show our Pixi Pixel - ordered equipment. Bit of a nod to the godfather of including - the - set Irving Penn right there!! Nice little Pixi logo included in the advert too. Lucky boys! We want a PF to appear on billboards!!

What: Label Lab
Who: Danny Fox @ Select
When: January 27th 2012
Art Director: Mitchell Belk
Stylist: Georgina Hodson
Hair: Keiichiro Hirano @ DWM

London x

Thursday, 24 May 2012

La Seu - We're shooting in Mallorca!

Today, amongst the various studio - based shoots we have going on in London, we are shooting in the glorious sunshine of Palma. Our Team-Mallorca are using 'The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma' - or 'La Seu' - for their back drop, and it's looking sweaty!!

La Seu is a Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral, built on the site of a pre-existing Arab mosque. It's the Catalan Gothic style, and was begun by King James I of Aragon in 1229 but finished only in 1601 - that's some slow builders! The Cathedral has some claims to Gaudi too, that Catalan Architectural genius! In 1901 he got stuck in on some cosmetic work, but it didn't last long, as he had a row with the contractor and bailed. The Cathedral sits within the old city and also overlooks the Parc de la Mar and the Mediterranean Sea. Can't think of a better location to sum up what Mallorca has to offer! You can see more of what we have here on our website, under Mallorca Locations.


Sun is out, and it's a good job there is plenty of PF shade on hand. So here we have it - you are witnessing LIVE, the end of the season in Miami and this is where Mallorca takes over for the next few months. Here at The Production Factory, we have sunshine covered all year round!


Sam, Sam the Chelsea Fan...

This needs sound ... 


We don't want you missing out...

... just because you haven't checked your Facebook! 

We've added a load more photos to our "Produced by TPF" album, and we think you'll like it. Give us a LIKE by clicking here, and follow us on Twitter too, you'll never miss an update!


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What a lovely day for a casting in London ..

The sun is shining, it's a glorious 27 degree - day in London Town and we are getting our casting -ooon!

We're casting boys and girls for a shoot we have coming up in a few weeks, and our 3 flights of stairs are busy busy today with models coming and going!