Thursday, 28 June 2012

PriMiami - Summer 2012 for Primark

Too many images here, but we're obsessed. Actually, that may be an understatement. Photographer Andreas Pettersson has done an incredible job on these absolute stunners for Primark. Not to mention Stylist Paula Hughes - what a dream team this turned out to be! 

We produced these in Miami back in February. It is a lovely showcase of our beautiful locations in the land of The Golden Girls - Hotels, Motels, Holiday ... pools ... beaches/suburban streets, the list is endless (; 

If you're a sun-chaser, like we are, get your peepers round a million more locations on offer in our slice of subtropical paradise HERE

You can see more behind the scenes from this shoot HERE, and if you're curious in general, we have a whole album HERE
What: Primark Summer 2012
When: February 2012
Photographer: Andreas Pettersson
Stylist: Paula Hughes
Hair &Make Up: Gianluca
  If you want to see more from the campaign - and I bet you do - they're HERE


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

OH MY, We can't stop staring - Primark behind the scenes

Obsessed with this shoot... and by the looks of things, you are too! So here we go, sneaky behind the scenes...


What: Primark Summer 2012
When: February 2012
Photographer: Andreas Pettersson
Stylist: Paula Hughes
Hair &Make Up: Gianluca

We're going to follow with a showcase some of our final faves. If you can't wait, they're HERE


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Primark in Miami (Bienvenido a Miami)

... sing it, it fits! The sun is in the sky and we are all over the Primark shoot, it's sun drenched high summer at it's best. Get us to the beach... NOW!

We worked with the super talented The One Off and photographer extraordinaire Rhys Frampton to produce these scorchers  (heh heh) back in February. Please, lets just take a moment to appreciate the incredible beach we have in Mimai...

... bit more of a moment ...

... ok. This was an EPIC set on the beach, check out the behind the scenes shots lifted, lovingly from Rhys Frampton's blog. (There are far too many, but we are really proud of this one!! The colours make our beach look delicious!!) Once you've finished up here, head on over to RH's website, there are a load of treats over there!

Beautiful, right? Head over to our website for more -

Who: Sabine & Olena
What: Primark High Summer 2012
Where: The Production Factory - Miami
When: February 2012
Photographer: Rhys Frampton
Photographers Assistant: Rob Parker
Stylist: Lucie McCullin @ A&R
Make Up: Adam De Cruz
Hair: Gow Tanaka

Last word goes to Rob ...



Monday, 25 June 2012

Look at our beautiful Miami - Primark

This is our beauty of a production for Primark. We worked with brand & retail design agency The One Off to produce these sun-soaked images... First up, the behind the scenes video ...



Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sisley Young A/W 2012 Produced in LONDON

Sisley Kids are back. We love this time of year, it's always such a beautiful production, and we've said it before, but HOW COOL ARE THESE KIDS?!

We shot in the beautiful Library and the surrounding area of The Athenaeum Club, which has a bit of rich old English history, dating back to 1824 ...

It was designed by 24 - year - old architect Decimus Burton who could already boast the layout of Hyde Park, and later would design another of our recent shoot-favourites; Kew Gardens (see New & Lingwood at Kew HERE). It's members over the past ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY EIGHT YEARS is a pretty impressive list of ... men ... The Club can boast 52 Nobel Prize winners at last count, and at least one in every category. The club's first secretary was no other that Michael Faraday. Having MF as a member ensured that the club was one of the 1st buildings to be lit by electric light, in 1886... good to have members with huge brains!

Another claim to fame is the stair case. At the foot of this is where Dickens & Thackeray laid to rest their 12 year feud, stemming from mutual respect, jealousy and the rumor mill. Thackeray was near death, and Dickens approached him for a hand shake, William Thackeray died weeks later. Another reason why this year is the year of London (WOOO!!) ... it is Charlie D's 200th Birthday, and we all know how engrained in our fair city Mr. Dickens is!

We had reign of the entire building; here in London we can get you into all the exclusive clubs (; In these shots you can get a glimpse the 1st floor Library housing 80,000 books. The clubhouse, is currently decorated in a theme derived from Decimus Burton's own sketches, which have been retrieved from the archives recently. Look closely, you can see some of the mahogany furniture that was designed for the club by Burton. They can be recognised from his drawings... FEET OFF THOSE SEATS!!

Who: Ian Borrk @ Ugly Agency, Marni Boyd @ Bruce & Brown, Lilian Rowe @ Alphabet Kids, Emelia Bowden @ Urban Angels, Charlie Adams @ Doreen English, Charlie Smith @ Grace & Galor, Max Henderson @ Elisabeth Smith, Callum Norman, Maisy Smith and Eloise Stevens @ Kids London
What: Sisley Young A/W 2012 via London
Where: London
When: January 2012
Photographer: Jimmy Backius @ Camera Link
Stylist: Jet Vervest
Hair & Make Up: Ignazio Alonso
Filming: Jonas Hjelte

More images from the shoot can be seen HERE in our London Clients on the website -


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Untold from London

This shoot is a dream. We produced this Untold shoot for House of Fraser, which included the most expensive Calla Lily's EVER - but it's worth it... it is shot so beautifully by photographer Helen Mcardle.

What: Untold
Who: Jayne Moore @ IMG
Where: TPF London
Photographer: Helen Mcardle @ Era
Art Director: Mitchell Belk
Stylist: Lucy Bond @ Ellison Lee
Hair: Peter Beckett @ Frank
Make Up: Claudine Blythman @ Balcony Jump


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cosmo in Miami Part 2 - ART DECADENCE

Here is the 2nd story that we produced for Cosmopolitan. A beauty of a story that we could reall sink our teeth into and show off our quirky Art Deco and awesome Hotel/Motel/Holiday Inns...

Who: Jennifer Massaux
Where: Miami
Fashion Director: Shelly Vella
Photographer: Tom Corbett
Hair & Make Up: Lisa Valencia

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Cosmo in Miami

We've got two TPF-produced stories in this months Cosmo - And they have us all missing the Miami season!! First up - Rock Your World with the beautiful Pernilla Fransander.

Just looook at all the beautiful locations that we have in Miami, we're not all about beaches you know! See more of our locations here. The one we used to shoot the Cosmo story is such a beauty of an urban landscape - you should come and see what we have to offer!! Bit of behind the scenes with photographer Tom Corbett there...

There is more from the story on our website - under Miami > Clients. ENJOY!

Who: Pernilla Fransander
Where: Miami
Fashion Director: Shelly Vella
Photographer: Tom Corbett
Hair & Make Up: Lisa Valencia