Monday, 30 April 2012

Euro 2012 Suits ... Produced by us!

M&S have designed the official suit of the England football team, according to specifications set by the lads... and here we have it, our M&S shoot with the England Team and Atlas the Lion. We produced this shoot over two days in March - one day for the team, one day for the Lion...

What a beauty of a suit it is too, complete with an internal design detailing which features the World Cup winner's star. 

Tres smart. The beautiful Three Lions are one beast of a boy called Atlas who we shot with Lorenzo on a Green Screen at Amazing Animal's studio in three 30 minute sessions. 

Our TPFL-er Clare with the lovely FA lady and Official team ties! We shot with the team at a grander location, it was all over to The Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire for a full on day in the Donneraile Room. Twelve players, (three) Lions, job well done!!

What: M&S Euro 2012
Who: England Team & Atlas the Lion
Where: The Grove Hotel / Amazing Animals Studio via London
Photographer: Lorenzo Agius @ A&R


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

England Euro 2012 - Making of the suit

Here is the first peek at a pretty exciting M&S shoot we have just done ... 

Yes ... that's a lion! We'll leave you with this to wet your whistle while we have a look through the rest... images on their way!! 


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Mini Club - Boots with The Grid

We Mini Clubbed with The Grid for the Boots clothing brand - and the results are to die for. Cute and fun, love a good kids shoot!

It's been a whole shake up of their brand, and the new look Mini Club is a winner with us! The Grid have done a wonderful job as always ... so here we have a little showcase of some of the recent London-produced shoots! Enjoy! (WANT this mustard arm chair for TPFL HQ!)

You can see more from Mini Club and our London shoots over at


Saturday, 21 April 2012

M&S Mens - Savile Row Inspired, Richard James ...

Here we have a lovely film of designer Richard James' favourite pieces from his collection for M&S. Enjoy

Thursday, 19 April 2012

London rains - we cope!

Shooting here in London town today, we can cope with all weathers! BRING IT ON!!


M&S Savile Row Inspired

Richard James is a bit of a Savile Row legend... one of the 'New Establishment' Tailors on The Street - RJ and co have been producing quality suits on Savile Row since they opened in 1992... and introduced Saturday opening to that row of Tailors that has remained much unchanged in 200 years... what a rebel...

Thats him, thats Richard James... few tips there about how to look super fly in your Savile Row suit. And incase you hadn't picked it up, he's designed a classically British range for M&S, using ENTIRELY British fabrics. 

We produced this at Big Sky Studios in London. A beauty of a set build if we do say so ourselves! Big thanks to Jamie Hind at Cloud and Horse. Once again, as we've talked about many times before, the importance of the construction and the heritage was really important to this shoot. The below images were shot at Richard James' Savile Row shop. Read more about our adventures on/obsession with Savile Row HERE!


You can see more from the shoot on our website and why not give us a LIKE on Facebook and a follow on Twitter - that way you can see whats going on ALL THE TIME!

What: Savile Row for M&S
Who: Simon Clark @ Select
Where: Big Sky via London
Art Director: Kate Goode
Photographer: Lorenzo Agius @ A&R
Set Build: Jamie Hind @ Cloud & Horse


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sisley Young.

You've seen this before, but we want to ward off the rain, so here it is again, A LOVELY behind the scenes video of our London - produced Sisley Kids shoot.

Read all about the shoot here

London x

Wall of Fame

Look at all these lovely bairns!! Only three more to go and these cheeky chaps make up the whole TPFL team. So angelic, who would of thought it!


Thursday, 12 April 2012

LOVE SHOES (and always have - Thanks Clarks!)

CUUUUTE!! Cute, cute, cute! We produced this still life shoot of little baby shoes for Clarks with creative agency The Grid, and we have to say - it's making us a little bit nostalgic! 

Could we get away with the pair below now?.. white tights? 60s spin..? I think so! Definitely had a shiny burgundy pair from Clarks as a little-un!! We shot this too-cute shoot at Sunbeam Studios in mid March, and they're out already!

What: Clarks
Where: Sunbeam Studios via London
Stylist: Finola Inger
Creative: The Grid
Special Thanks: Pixi Pixel

There are a load more images from the shoot over on


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Happy Easter!! With White Stuff ...

Did everyone have a lovely Easter? Get through all your eggs? Here in London we're feeling pretty smug despite the rubbish easter weather ... Word from Miami goes that they don't acknowledge Easter Monday ... and they don't get any choccy eggs!! (London 1 Miami 0)

Here we have our lovely Easter - inspired White Stuff brochure... Shot over a freezing three days at the beginning of February, there was frost on the ground despite the images looking like the warmest of spring times. We had the out doors Easter Egg hunt, for which Art Director extraordinaire Mei An Collier made this amazing rabbit head with her own fair hands! How clever?! The first day of shooting was at Hammerwood Park - built in 1792 by Latrobe who was the architect responsible for the White House and Capitol in Washington DC. It was made into flats in the 1960s and Led Zeppelin bought it in the 70s to use as a studio. Quite aptly the exterior of the house is adorned with plaques depicting Dionysus; the Greek god of excess and mind altering substances ... 

This shoot included dog - on - barge owned by model Jordan and cat - in - studio owned by Prop Stylist Helen MacIntyre. On day three it was all over to Jet Studios for the candy - coloured studio shots.

There are many many more images from the shoot over on our website -

Where: Hammerwood Park, Jet Studios & The Horse & Barge Pub via London
Who: Jordan Perry @ Storm, Alistair Coldrey @ Select, Emily Smith @ Elite, Ash @ Nevs, Ali @ Select
Photographer: Mark Shearwood
Hair & Make Up: Dina @ ERA
Prop Stylist: Helen MacIntyre


Friday, 6 April 2012

Hello! M&S in Cape Town

Some lovely press on our London - produced Cape Town shoot for M&S


Happy Birthday to Boux!

Boux Avenue is a whole year old! How quickly time goes! The celebrity face for the celebration is the beautiful Ola Jordan from Strictly Come Dancing. We produced these beauties with Art Director Kim Palmer, it's been a pleasure working with her since the beginning, more than 12 months ago - here is to another year in Boux!


Thursday, 5 April 2012

(y)Our M&S

We've been so excited to see these images!! We produced this shoot for M&S in Cape Town only back in mid March, and we couldn't wait to see these finals - we knew it would be a summer - stunner. The trip had a pretty major glitch to start off with - there was a problem with the plane that the team (including Gary Barlow) were on and they had to do a 360 and land back in the UK... better safe than sorry!

Once everyone had arrived safe and sound it was a really fun shoot. Those of us who had to stay in the UK waiting for the hot weather to reach us kept up to date with the behind the scenes gossip from Lisa Snowdon (; - got to love Twitter!

M&S wanted to create a campaign that took customers on a journey through the perfect British Summer - including an egg and spoon race and a Twiggy - hosted garden party, puppy included! This really will be a summer that we can be proud of here in London, with the Jubilee and the Olympics - Woo, Rule Britannia! 

The big secret of the campaign was the luv-leh Gary Barlow, who recorded a version of George Harrison's Here Comes the Sun especially for the advert. It's GB's 1st solo song in more than a decade! It's going to be the one we're humming all summer long isn't it... 

What: M&S
Who: Gary Barlow, Twiggy, Myleene Klass, Dannii Minogue, Lisa Snowdon, Noemie Lenoir & Jamie Redknapp
Where: Cape Town via London
Photographer: Uli Weber @ Terri Manduca
Stylist: Kate Halfpenny (here she is!)

Hair: Billie Currie @ DW Management & Matthew Wade @ Carol Hayes Management
Make Up: Nicky Tavilla @ Terrie Tanaka
Cape Town Production Team: Egg Film


Here Comes the Sun

A beaauuutiful behind the scenes video of our recent Cape Town shoot. Keep your eyes peeled for our stills!

and here is the full thing ...


The Saturday Telegraph - Helter Skelter

Yet another cool kids shoot from our London lot... Shot by Stefano Azario our casting brief for this beauty was "Cool, musician - looking kids" Our favourite is the mini Jimmy Hendrix! THAT FACE!!

Shot in New York, for this stunner of a story we had to get in a whole host of musical instruments so the kids could ... rock out. What a fun shoot!! ... and with a lovely little shout out for The Production Factory as production & casting; WOO!

What: Saturday Telegraph Magazine, Kids S/S 2012
Who: Italo, Sophie & Esme @ Model Club, Alex, Jeffery & Dominic @ Generation Model Management
Where: Industria Superstudio, NY via London
Photographer: Stefano Azario
Digital: Dario Catellani
Hair: Brent Lavett @ Art Department


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Kent & Curwen in London for S/S 2012

For Kent & Curwen we created a shoot which is British to it's core, set with a firm nod to the classic roaring era of prosperity, masculinity and tradition and all things frightfully English. Fasten your seat belts, we're in for a testosterone fuelled ride in an Aston Martin with boys and their toys.

We shot the Spring/Summer 2012 collection over a manic three days back in November. First stop the iconic and world famous Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. In order to capture the brands sporting tradition we set up camp in this Grade II listed building, which was opened in1964. We shot on the balcony of the Sports Hall, the dive pool and the racing pool.

Day Two saw the team head down to Shoreham Airport. There has been an airport on this site since 1910 when London - based artist Harold Piffard set himself up on the grazing land with his Hummingbird

...There he is! The airport can boast the 1st recorded cargo flight, delivering a box of light bulbs to (very near-by) Hove. During the First World War the airport was the base for flying courses. Recruits were given 10-12 hours of flying lessons and then headed strait from here to the Western Front. After WWI the Canadian Airforce moved in and set to work testing 65 captured German aircrafts. All of this fascinating history occurred before the stunning Grade II listed Art Deco terminal was erected. Built in 1936, the building is still in its original state - even after being the target of many WWII air raids. This beauty remained standing. 

Look at it!! the DB9, GT sports car, first manufactured in 2004 in the heart of Warwickshire. It's not the original Bond - Mobile, but see how pretty?!

Day Three the team headed over to Member's Cub Beaufort House on the world famous Kings Road in the heart of Chelsea. Using the back drop of such London land marks as Harrods, The Mandarin Hotel and Beaufort House it really wrapped this shoot up in a British - Classic, college striped bow tie.

Where: London
Who: Sebastian Sauve @ Premier, Greg Kheel @ Storm, Tom Baker @ Elite, Chris Doe @ Select
Photographer: Diego Merino
Stylist: Mitchell Belk
Hair: Kenichi @ Caren
Make-Up: Jo Frost  @ CLM

You can see the whole campaign on our website