Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Rosie in Stylist

A lovely four page spread of our Autograph production in yesterday's Stylist.




This shoot is very London. We produced the brochure for Freddy and adore how it's all been put together! The book guides us on a trip through London Town, mapping out all the hidden gems of this fair city... Gordon's Wine Bar and The Queen of Hoxton being the most important stops...

 What a beautiful production! And it's for our pre-Betterton Street neighbors!! Bet they miss us over on Neal Street!

What: Freddy
Where: All over London
When: October
Photograhpher: Elisabetta Claudio
Hair: Tim Pateman @ Phamous
Make Up: Andriani Vasiliou @ Phamous


Kelly Brook for New Look

 Kelly Brook showing off the new line of New Look Lingerie AW 2012. Style and class personified!

What: New Look Lingerie AW 2012

Where: Mile End, London

When: Thursday 26th July

Photographer: Ben Riggott

Stylist: Lynne Mckenna

Hair & Make Up: Vanessa Guller @ Frank Agency 


Monday, 27 August 2012

Last Season's Shoot in Mallorca for Boden

 A shot of the beautiful weather and scenery surrounding the Boden shoot in Mallorca


 Good to see the shoot went swimmingly... looks inviting! Dive right in and join the Production Factory in Malllorca!!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Jools Oliver - Little Bird for Mothercare

This is one of the most beautiful shoots we have produced ... EVER. Jools Oliver's new range for Mothercare; "Little Bird" is stunning and innocent and so playful. We can totally imagine this is a mirror image of the inside of Jools and Jamie's house. Farm-y and cosy. Look at this mammoth call sheet of children...

And just look at how cute they are!! We shot the campaign at the beautiful Master Shipwright's House in Deptford. Simply Stunning.

What: Mothercare - Jools Oliver, Little Bird
Who: A list of MANY children!
Where: London
When: Early April
Photographer: Tim Marsella @ LGA
Stylist: Kate Van de Hage @ Era
Groomer: Hester @ Era

See many more images at > London > Clients


Thursday, 23 August 2012

That's a bit amazing..!!!

Bit of an M&S day, but look at a piece of info we just stumbled upon...

That's a lorra lorra years! And still as stunning as ever! WE <3 TWIGGY!

(sitting model above ... Stacey Solomon..?)


Rosie for M&S

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley talks about her new range for M&S as she turns her hand to designing a line of Lingerie for the company. 
You can see more from our Production on our website;

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

More from TM Lewin

A video of our TM Lewin Production, starring Elite's Dylan Garner cycling around town.

We want summer roof terrace drinks!!


It's a Lingerie - off

Here we have our two most recent lingerie shoots. First up pin-up curves and 50s shapes with Kelly Brook for New Look

And Rosie Huntington -Whiteley has gone for 20s inspired silks and cuts for her range for M&S.

Whatever your preference, it's definitely an autumn of soft and girlie with a slight beehive for lounging around in negligee!

More from both campaigns on our website;


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Esprit Kids

Working with cool NYC Kids again, we produced this shoot in New York through London. Experts at this by now, we adore our Stefano Azario NY studio Esprit shoots, and their Autumn collection is stunning. Do they make that green onesie in my size..?

(Umm, is this the cutest baby you have ever seen..? Thought so!)

What: Esprit AW 2012
Where: Milk Studios, NY via London
When: April
Photographer: Stefano Azario
Stylist: Jet Vervest
Hair & Make Up: Brent @ Art Department


TM Lewin ... a little intro

The new T.M Lewin is out - we can't wait to get our hands on the brochure, but for now, here are some beautiful bits from the mammoth three day production here in London.

The casting day was here at TPFL HQ ( ... have you SEEEN our casting sign..? More HERE) Siff at Models 1, Dylan Garner and Anthony from Elite were the favorites back in May.

If these are anything to go by, the images, shot by the Tomo Brejc, are going to be stunning. We shot all over London - The Gilbert Scott, Borough Market, The National Audit Office ... watch this space for more to come!

What: T.M Lewin, Autumn 2012
Who: Siff @ Models 1, Dylan Garner and Anthony @ Elite
Where: London
When: June
Photographer: Tomo Brejc
Stylist: David Lamb & Michelle Duguid @ Ellison Lee
Hair: Tim Pateman @ Phamous & Eamonn Hughes @ Premier Hair & Make Up
Make Up: Lucy Burt @ Premier Hair & Make Up


Monday, 20 August 2012

Mothercare, Little Bird with Jools Oliver

This is SUPER CUTE!! Little sneak peek of our Jools Oliver shoot for Mothercare's Little Bird produced in London. This video is to die for...

Eyes peeled for the full campaign!


Thursday, 16 August 2012

On Location, from London

Beautiful shot from our Ivana on location at The Lightship 93. Spot the PF!


London Loves BIBA

How London!

 We were really excited to shoot the iconic London brand - Biba with Brendan Freeman; half of the legendary Brendan & Brendan duo. When you think of London, it's all about the swinging 60s right? When Barbara Hulanicki, Mary Quant and Paul, John, George and Ringo ruled. When Carnaby Street was King and King's Road was ... eeerm Queen..?

The Biba girls were doe-eyed Twiggys, doll-like Roxy Hearts with firm roots in the fashion of the 20s but with a huge update for swinging London, pin curls with pant suits and floppy hats.

Since the re launch in 2006, Biba is more polished and all grown up. We love it when we get to produce a London classic. Pin curls still in place, we adore this shoot, with all the correct colours of original Biba.

What: Biba
Who: Edda Oscars @ Select
When: 29th June
Where: London Studio, N7
Photographer: Brendan Freeman
Art Director: Mitchell Belk
Stylist: Michelle Duguid @ Ellison Lee
Hair: Peter Beckett @ Frank Agency
Make Up: Claudine Blythman @ Balcony Jump


Mallorca on Location

 Just a few behind the scenes shots of our day to day routine here in Mallorca. Lots of lovely locations, sunshine, and PF T shirts! Hard at work as always!

Come join us in the sunshine?