Friday, 21 December 2012

Merry Chrstmas Y'all!

We are out of the office until 3rd Jan. Merry Christmas!!!! 

Hope you have a good one, Love all of us at TPF


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Gregory Peck, the next generation

This one is for my Grandma. G-Peck is her FAVOURITE.

For part 3 of Mr Porter's series, Generations of Style for The Journal, we shot Ethan Peck. Actor, and Grandson of the incredible Atticus Finch aka Gregory Peck. Just as stylish as his Granda (GP was named to the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame) EP is shot on Miami's beautiful beaches. Here is a snippet of how his style was influenced by Gramps Peck.

What are you currently working on?
I've just finished a film called The Wine of Summer about a young man called James who decides he's no longer a lawyer but an actor. But it turns out he's a terrible actor. He ends up going to Spain to search for this character in this Spanish play he's been studying. He thinks the only way to understand himself is to get to know his character, and the only way he can do that is to live his life in Spain. It's a film about identity and transformation.
How do you dress for work?
Wardrobe is very important for me on set; it helps convince me about who a character is. Otherwise, I need to be comfortable. If I'm not, I'll look uncomfortable on screen. Day to day, I keep it pretty simple and usually wear classic jeans and a black T-shirt. It's not too noticeable, which makes sense as I'm not trying to impress anyone. In New York I dressed more fashionably, but in LA I keep it classic.
What's your earliest memory of your grandfather?
There was a part of his house with a day bed where we would relax in the evening. I remember sitting on his lap as a child and the feeling of his cashmere. 
In what way are you most similar to him?
I couldn't tell you exactly as I only knew him at the end of his life and I'm at the start of mine. But I see him as a classy gentleman, and I like to think of myself as one too. I'm trying to be one. He was also a humanitarian and a righteous person. I also aspire to be a man of the people. That's why I act - I love life and human interaction.
What did he teach you about style?
That nothing compares to a cashmere sweater, but also that you can wear anything and still be a gentleman.
What's your personal approach to style?
I dress to be noticed when I want to be, and not to be noticed when I don't. Now when I dress up I like a clean, crisp look. The most important thing is to wear what suits you and understand that a good fit is important.
Photographer: Lawrence Ellis
Stylist: Dan May
Location: Miami 
... and for my Grandma, bit of Roman Holiday


London on Location

We are on location on the streets of London Town...


Well, THE street of London Town; Savile Row.

... and this lady is stealing the show. Adamant to be in fashion, see the lady in the blue coat? Well you'll see a lot more of her, she won't move from the background of the shots. Determination!

See more behind the scenes from London, Miami and Mallorca on our Facebook album "... and this is how we do it"

Can't wait to show you the shots!


Marlon Brando's Grandson

Mr Marlon Brando. The Mumbler, The Wild One, Stanley Kowalski, and one of the greatest and most influential actors of the 20th century. Martin Scorsese said "He is the marker. There's 'before Brando' and 'after Brando'." Jack Nicholson said, "When Marlon dies, everybody moves up one." And when Jack Nicholson speaks, we listen. 

For The Journal Mr Porter photographed and interviewed men with some of the most enviable inheritance you can think of. Taken from Mr Porter, here is a snippet of part 2 of Generations of Style

Twenty-one-year-old Mr Brando is a medical student who lives in Paris, France. He was born in Tahiti and raised there by his grandparents until the age of 20.

Who's your style icon?
Johnny Depp. You see that he cares about how he looks, but in a relaxed and cool way. I like his glasses, his long hair and his tattoos. He's iconic to me.
What did your grandfather teach you about style?
He taught me to be comfortable in what I wear. He also taught me how to work out my abs in the swimming pool. 
What's the best piece of style advice you've ever received?
I shouldn't get my hair too done up, and always leave it a bit messy.
How has your style changed over time?
I lived in Tahiti for 20 years, and we didn't have winters there so I always wore shorts and T-shirts. Now that I live in Paris, I wear a lot of jackets and coats. 

Logan Plant in Miami

A little behind the scenes from our Mr Porter shoot with MR Led Zeppelin; Robert Plant's son Logan.

We love The Journal. Mr Porter's online magazine always has snippets of classic men's style and interesting articles. Our Miami-Produced shoot, Generations of Style is no exception. Here is a snippet of the accompanying article, part 1.

Mr Plant, 32, is quite the polymath: a musician and, as of recently, an entrepreneurial brewer. He lives in London with his wife and son.

What are you currently working on?
I'm opening a microbrewery in London's East End called Beavertown, and a small brew pub called Duke's Brew & Que. My business partner and I are setting it up to offer niche artisan beers we are importing from local and global breweries, and also our own in-house beer. There's also American barbecue food, so good smoked ribs, chicken, great steaks and burgers - all sourced from amazing American ranches.
What's the earliest memory of your father?
Playing football in the garden. He's obsessed with football - we all are - and from an early age I'd go with him to see Wolverhampton Wanderers.
How are you and your father most similar?
My wife would probably say charm. My grandad was a right charmer and my dad seems to have it too.

What did he teach you about style?
To be eclectic and to keep choosing different kinds of clothing. I like to stay away from the obvious. 
How did your father influence your style?
He gave me a few dodgy haircuts over the years; he made me cry once or twice at the barbers by giving me a mullet. When I reached a certain age I did start delving into his cupboards. He had these big old boxes that he kept all his clothes from the 1970s in, things that didn't fit him any more such as Landlubber jeans with proper bell-bottoms. At 18 I went through a 1970s phase and he no doubt fuelled that. He taught me to create my own kind of style.
What does it mean to grow up the son of an icon?
You get to go to some really good gigs [laughs]. Seriously though, it's allowed me to meet lovely people and go to wonderful places. A lot of people ask me, "What's it like to have a dad who is a rock star?" To be honest it's very normal.
What one thing would you want your son to inherit from you?
I think the biggest thing for me is manners. Simply put: ladies go first, look people in the eye and shake hands. That's what I'm teaching him at the moment. 
Miami is in full swing. Bring on more beauties like this! We have more from our Mr Porter shoot on the website and Facebook.

Mr Porter

FINALLY we can show you this beautiful shoot produced by us in Miami last season. As always with this innovative brand, the shoot was concept lead, clean, masculine and cutting edge. We shot on a glorious white sand beach Miami-side with photographer Laurence Ellis of Visual Artists. We were amongst some pretty impressive genes - the Grandson of Marlon Brando, Gregory Peck's Grandson and the son of Robert Plant. Mr Porter used the shots in The Journal, accompaning some really great interviews. We're going to share them...


Friday, 23 November 2012


We shot these studio images for Poetry with Jonty Davies and David Oldham over three days. Just a sneak peek here, but there are more on our website.

Photographers: Jonty Davies & David Oldham
Stylist: Tiffany Fraser-Steele
Hair & Make Up: Peter Lux


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Miami Baby!

We are shooting with M&S in Miami, lovely behind the scenes to whet your whistle!



Just look at that. We love it when it's time to shoot S Moda. Last time we hit the streets of East London (see more here) this time it was the Miami sunshine. Just a quick look, can't wait to show you more!


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Kool & the Gang

Here we go! We shot the stills for the M&S ad campaign in the first Christmas ad in years not to star celebrities.

Created by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R, the advert is shot in the style of an all singing, all dancing Christmas music video, where the products are showcased featuring models of different shapes, sizes and ages, as part of M&S's policy of giving its customers "more products, more diversity and an injection of style and fun".

Seb White steals the show, and has stolen all our hearts this festive period. The four year old, who has Down's Syndrome was chosen after his mum Caroline posted on M&S's Facebook page, asking them to consider using her son in advertising because youngsters with Down's Syndrome were not represented in modelling campaigns.

M&S have said "he won his place in our TV ad thanks to the natural charm and magical personality he showed on set at our magazine shoot. All the kids had great fun filming the ad" - which is clear! Seb and the rest of the kids take center stage by dancing to Kool & the Gang’s 'Celebration' track while wearing M&S knitwear.

One to be proud of, a real magical campaign!


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Behind the scenes Christmas

Behind the scenes on set of our M&S campaing. We produced the stills for this all singing, all dancing production. Enjoy. 

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Christmas at M&S

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and we LOVE IT!!! We've secretly been walking in a winter wonderland for about six months now, but that's how it has to be in this game... We've been making it snow since May!

You've all seen the beautiful new M&S Christmas advert by now, and if you haven't you must be on a beach somewhere ... like our Miami team (never fear, you don't have to miss out, just scroll down!) Well, here in London we produced all the stills for this stunner of a campaign. Not in a winter park at twilight as it would appear, but in a North London studio on a four day shoot. Christmas jumpers at the ready, here is the roll call...

What: M&S Christmas Advert stills
When: July
Photographer: Ian Harrison
Stylist: Kate Halfpenny
Make Up: Kay Montano
Hair: James Rowe


Monday, 19 November 2012


The M&S Christmas Advert is out. It's getting us in the party mood!

We produced all the stills for this, and today at TPF HQ we are taking direct inspiration for our office playlist!

Ho, ho, ho... it's never too early as far as we're concerned!

London x


Plotting how to get a PF logo on that. Miami-bound


Friday, 16 November 2012

Desreen Brooks
1979 – 2012 – Beautiful, Stylish, Crazy & Smart - You will be missed.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

More amazing shots for House of Fraser!

These lovely shots for Howick Casual are making us feel warm and cosy, ready for the winter!
Produced here in London and photographed not too far away by one of our own models from LGA! These photographs are just what we need to help us to see winter can actually sometimes be a good thing!!

What: Howick Casual for House of Fraser
Who: Adam Cowie @ Storm
     Chad White @ Elite
Photographer: Neil Stewart @ LGA
Stylist: Julian Ganio
Hope you like these photos as much as we do!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

More House of Fraser - Untold

More images for House of Fraser, this time we're shooting the ladies!

What: Untold at House of Fraser
Who: Stephanie Carta @ Tess Management
Photographer:  Helen McArdle @ Era
Stylist: Michelle Duguid @ Ellison Lee
Hair: Peter Beckett @ Frank Agency
Make-up:  Claudine Blythman @ Balcony Jump
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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

House of Fraser's New and Lingwood A/W 2012

We took House of Fraser's New and Lingwood A/W Campaign to a beautiful village where Henry VIII's wife, Anne of Cleves lived once!  We're loving this historic location deep in Surrey!

Photographer: Tomo Brejc
Art Director:  Mitchell Belk
Model:  Clark Mellon @ Select
Stylist:  Michelle Kelly @ Naked
Groomer:  Keiichiro @ DWM
 Go check out the rest of the shoot on our Facebook page or on our Website!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Boux PJs

It's getting colder... definitely time to get these out!
We produced this Boux beauty just in time for the nights by a fire!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


R.I.PF x

Kelly Brook's Christmas range for New Look

Produced here, in London we are over the moon with these shots taken in a West London luxury hotel.

That location is so regal, and Ms Brook looks amazing. Getting us in the mood for Christmas frocks!

Who: Kelly Brook needs no introduction
What: New Look's Christmas range, 2012 - designed by Kelly Brook herself
Photographer: Jem Mitchell @ Jed Root
Stylist: Jill Wanless
Hair: Christian Wood @ Premier Hair & Make Up
Make Up: Vanesa Guallar @ Frank Agency 

We have the rest of the images from the shoot over on as well as on Facebook ...

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