Tuesday, 13 March 2012

M&S Indigo

 We shot this beauty of a campaign for M&S's Indigo Spring Summer 2012 collection. The team here in London headed down to The Ragged School in the Borough, which is a real treat in itself...

Opened in 1907 by the Marquis of Northampton, the "Ragged School" meaning a free school for the impoverished children of London was the location in which - "The noisy crowd of London's dirtiest & most ragged children" were educated - (Right Hon R.K. Causton MP) and since then, the building has had a typically London history. St Mary's Working Girls took over the premises during WWII, in the 60s until the mid 80s it housed a Gentleman's Club. In 1995 artist Zanna acquired the property which is now used as a shoot location, studio and exhibition space.

The area is fascinating; on the corner of Union St and Redcross Way ... this is a site of a plague pit, and later a mass unconsecrated graveyard for the Winchester Geese. Prostitution was a legal profession in Borough under the Liberty of the Clink and this mass burial ground was only closed in 1853. 

When excavation for the Jubilee line was under way, they uncovered hundreds of bodies. It's believed that this is only a fraction, and that 15,000 nameless bodies are buried beneath. WE LOVE THESE LONDON HISTORY FACTS!! More here.

Back to The Ragged School. The location was used for its beautiful , delicate wax-like wall. Very porous which marked - and would have melted easily. Lights and humans had to remain at a safe distance!! Its a very eclectic location. So many artefacts and carefully picked items lined the living areas, which can be seen on the website.

Also for this shoot we were really excited to work with photographer Marc Hom, (who has shot for Gucci, Max Mara, W Magazine, and Vogue to name but a few) he really captured the carefree essence of the line. WE LOVE!!

What: M&S Indigo
Where: The Ragged School SE1 via London
Stylist: Amanda Bellan @ Angeki & Co
Hair: Karin Birgler @ D&V
Make-Up: Max Delorme @ L'Atelier


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