Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Our London team headed to Yucca Valley in Cally for this HOT production in the desert. We've got behind the scenes pictures galore to show you, and can't wait for the brochure to arrive... but for now, the desert shots ...

It was 110 degrees in the shade for this shoot. YES, IN THE SHADE, and the team did a fantastic job considering they were literally baking ... that's chips-cooking temperature, I'm sure!

Where is Yucca Valley you ask..? Got a little map for you here so you can get your baring!

What: Poetry
Where: Yucca Valley via London
Who: Corinna Drengk @ Storm, Daria @Premier, Nane @ Models 1
Photographer: David Oldham @ LGA
Stylist: Emily Fitch Miller
Hair: Tim Pateman @ Phamous


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