Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Sainsbury's, AW13 - Autumn at Sainsbury's

If you follow us on Facebook, you are probably already familiar with "Overheard at The Production Factory" - well i can tell you now, the amount of "Overheard at The Production Factory" fodder that came from this shoot, I could publish a book from!

"and is the Toffee Apple larger than a small child?"

"I need a conker, but 1,000 times bigger..."

"Can you collect a leaf? Yes a leaf, but a massive one"

And so on.

And here are the results from the shoot that gave the office, and team Facebook so much pleasure. A lovely set that is really getting us in the mood for Bonfire night and everything exciting that Autumn has to offer - even if the summer does keep trying to show its face here and there!

There is more from the series which can be seen on our Facebook.


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