Wednesday, 27 August 2014

CYRILLUS, AW14 - London

We had the pleasure of taking Cyrillus on tour round London for their AW14 campaign. We welcomed the team back for some sightseeing of our fair city.

You want little old England? We've got little old England! Red phone box, check. Shetland Ponies, easy. A Basset Hound on a chesterfield in front of Big Ben? Not a problem! This is a brief overview of the beautiful shoot. You can see more on our shiny website here.

What: Cyrillus
Where: London and Outskirts
Who: Tara Jean @ Major Models, Julia Johanssen @ Elite, Naomi Laan @ Munich, Rein @ City Models, Richard Ampaw @ Select, Oly Lacy @ Marilyn, Chris Walter @ Models1, Charlie Timms @ Marilyn.
Art Director: Marie-Pierre Lepers
Photographer: Lise-Anne Marsal
Stylist: Carole Matray
Hair & Make Up: Magali Pilloux

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