Monday, 12 December 2011

Aubin & Wills AW Collection

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, oh I do like to be beside the sea!

Having a little chat in TPF HQ about some of our favourite shoots - This one has to be up there. Aubin & Wills beautiful shoot, where we had fish and chips with some legends... and some seagulls! With pictures of Gemma Arterton's new Vampire film all over the papers last week, featuring the burnt out pier in the back ground (read all about it here), it's got us reminiscing...

Last year we rocked up on Hastings (pebble) beach and festival'd with Roisin Murphy and Blur's Alex James for Aubin and Wills A/W collection. It was the first and last fashion shoot to take place on Hastings Pier. The first, because the pier had been closed since 2006 for being unsafe, not even waif-like models were allowed to set foot there.

It took our Renee two months of research and smooth talking to get our team permission to shoot on the famous board walk. The place had been closed down by the council and pier-dwellers, staff and shop keepers alike were given 24 hours notice to vacate the place. Fast forward to 4am on a blustery autumn morning, TPFL team show up and the whole place is like a ghost town, shelves still stocked, newspapers lying around... very chilling, but PERFECT for this beautiful shoot!

It was the last shoot, as we all know - very soon after the shoot took place the pier burnt to the ground. It wasn't us, honest. It's so very sad, but it makes these images a part of history. And on a plus, the pier has recently been awarded £357,400 of Lottery funding to get it back up and running... so every cloud...
Let's take a moment for the beautiful pier in its heyday.

- and incase you missed it... rocked, Blur, Rosin, pebble... get it? (;

Where: Hastings via London
What: Aubin & Wills A/W 2010
Photographer: Tom Craig
Stylist: Bay Garnett @ LGA
Love from London x

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