Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Party!!

We headed to the beautiful Paradise Pub for our Christmas Lunch yesterday, a real London treasure. All giddy with excitement from the delivery of the Reindeer we were bouncing off the walls. Our Rudolphs came with - obviously!

Turkey Dinner all round, it was too much for one little TPFL-er!

Pub pup Beyonce!! Lisa got Bey in her bag... But we lost her somewhere between cocktails and the Carol Hayes party at The Groucho...

It was GAME ON to get the best shot of Rudolph...

and this one won, Gok and our Clare.

Although if you ask me this was a close 2nd... It was ALWAYS going to end in (Louise's) tears. Disco Roadkill. Murder on the dance floor...

Carol, and everyone at Carol Hayes, we had an AMAZING night - thank you so much!! You kept us dancing all night long.

Lots of Love, And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!



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