Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Neiman Marcus' London shot by Walter Chin

Fasten your seat belts - we are thrilled to present our epic production for Neiman Marcus here in London Town.

Ok it's on a bus... no seat belts... keep your hands and arms inside at all times, and no standing while the vehicle is in motion. For five days in April we took over the streets, busses, tourist hot spots and classic locations of London Town and the finished product is simply stunning.

We shot part one of this campaign with photographer Walter Chin. This man needs no introduction, but it would be rude not to ... here is a little run down of his most iconic images... 

Wow. We were thrilled to work with such a living legend, and the images he has created are simply stunning. With no further delay, enjoy.

Look at our London in all it's glory! It's all there, adore the inclusion of random folk in the background going about their business. Makes for a really quirky shoot, just like our fair city. Sure you recognise these lovely ladies too, models Karlie Kloss and Aymeline Valade looking beautiful, just going about their day. Effortless!

We took it indoors for day 3, the infamous Portland Place location as seen in The King's Speech to name but one of it's iconic productions. Once you've seen this wall, you won't forget it!! Amazing location that we are all too familiar with but we never tire of shooting in here at TPFL.

You can see the whole story on our Facebook page, and of course, the website, Come back tomorrow, we've got some AMAZING behind the scenes shots to show you. Taken by our Production Manager Claudie. And don't forget, this is only part one ... part two to follow!

Who: Karlie Kloss @ Next Models and Aymeline Valade @ Women Management
Where: London
When: March - April 2012
Photographer: Walter Chin @ Marek & Associates
Stylist: Abby Propst
Hair & Make Up: Pedro Pianto @ Face to Face Agency


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