Thursday, 16 August 2012

London Loves BIBA

How London!

 We were really excited to shoot the iconic London brand - Biba with Brendan Freeman; half of the legendary Brendan & Brendan duo. When you think of London, it's all about the swinging 60s right? When Barbara Hulanicki, Mary Quant and Paul, John, George and Ringo ruled. When Carnaby Street was King and King's Road was ... eeerm Queen..?

The Biba girls were doe-eyed Twiggys, doll-like Roxy Hearts with firm roots in the fashion of the 20s but with a huge update for swinging London, pin curls with pant suits and floppy hats.

Since the re launch in 2006, Biba is more polished and all grown up. We love it when we get to produce a London classic. Pin curls still in place, we adore this shoot, with all the correct colours of original Biba.

What: Biba
Who: Edda Oscars @ Select
When: 29th June
Where: London Studio, N7
Photographer: Brendan Freeman
Art Director: Mitchell Belk
Stylist: Michelle Duguid @ Ellison Lee
Hair: Peter Beckett @ Frank Agency
Make Up: Claudine Blythman @ Balcony Jump


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