Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Gregory Peck, the next generation

This one is for my Grandma. G-Peck is her FAVOURITE.

For part 3 of Mr Porter's series, Generations of Style for The Journal, we shot Ethan Peck. Actor, and Grandson of the incredible Atticus Finch aka Gregory Peck. Just as stylish as his Granda (GP was named to the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame) EP is shot on Miami's beautiful beaches. Here is a snippet of how his style was influenced by Gramps Peck.

What are you currently working on?
I've just finished a film called The Wine of Summer about a young man called James who decides he's no longer a lawyer but an actor. But it turns out he's a terrible actor. He ends up going to Spain to search for this character in this Spanish play he's been studying. He thinks the only way to understand himself is to get to know his character, and the only way he can do that is to live his life in Spain. It's a film about identity and transformation.
How do you dress for work?
Wardrobe is very important for me on set; it helps convince me about who a character is. Otherwise, I need to be comfortable. If I'm not, I'll look uncomfortable on screen. Day to day, I keep it pretty simple and usually wear classic jeans and a black T-shirt. It's not too noticeable, which makes sense as I'm not trying to impress anyone. In New York I dressed more fashionably, but in LA I keep it classic.
What's your earliest memory of your grandfather?
There was a part of his house with a day bed where we would relax in the evening. I remember sitting on his lap as a child and the feeling of his cashmere. 
In what way are you most similar to him?
I couldn't tell you exactly as I only knew him at the end of his life and I'm at the start of mine. But I see him as a classy gentleman, and I like to think of myself as one too. I'm trying to be one. He was also a humanitarian and a righteous person. I also aspire to be a man of the people. That's why I act - I love life and human interaction.
What did he teach you about style?
That nothing compares to a cashmere sweater, but also that you can wear anything and still be a gentleman.
What's your personal approach to style?
I dress to be noticed when I want to be, and not to be noticed when I don't. Now when I dress up I like a clean, crisp look. The most important thing is to wear what suits you and understand that a good fit is important.
Photographer: Lawrence Ellis
Stylist: Dan May
Location: Miami 
... and for my Grandma, bit of Roman Holiday


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