Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Logan Plant in Miami

A little behind the scenes from our Mr Porter shoot with MR Led Zeppelin; Robert Plant's son Logan.

We love The Journal. Mr Porter's online magazine always has snippets of classic men's style and interesting articles. Our Miami-Produced shoot, Generations of Style is no exception. Here is a snippet of the accompanying article, part 1.

Mr Plant, 32, is quite the polymath: a musician and, as of recently, an entrepreneurial brewer. He lives in London with his wife and son.

What are you currently working on?
I'm opening a microbrewery in London's East End called Beavertown, and a small brew pub called Duke's Brew & Que. My business partner and I are setting it up to offer niche artisan beers we are importing from local and global breweries, and also our own in-house beer. There's also American barbecue food, so good smoked ribs, chicken, great steaks and burgers - all sourced from amazing American ranches.
What's the earliest memory of your father?
Playing football in the garden. He's obsessed with football - we all are - and from an early age I'd go with him to see Wolverhampton Wanderers.
How are you and your father most similar?
My wife would probably say charm. My grandad was a right charmer and my dad seems to have it too.

What did he teach you about style?
To be eclectic and to keep choosing different kinds of clothing. I like to stay away from the obvious. 
How did your father influence your style?
He gave me a few dodgy haircuts over the years; he made me cry once or twice at the barbers by giving me a mullet. When I reached a certain age I did start delving into his cupboards. He had these big old boxes that he kept all his clothes from the 1970s in, things that didn't fit him any more such as Landlubber jeans with proper bell-bottoms. At 18 I went through a 1970s phase and he no doubt fuelled that. He taught me to create my own kind of style.
What does it mean to grow up the son of an icon?
You get to go to some really good gigs [laughs]. Seriously though, it's allowed me to meet lovely people and go to wonderful places. A lot of people ask me, "What's it like to have a dad who is a rock star?" To be honest it's very normal.
What one thing would you want your son to inherit from you?
I think the biggest thing for me is manners. Simply put: ladies go first, look people in the eye and shake hands. That's what I'm teaching him at the moment. 
Miami is in full swing. Bring on more beauties like this! We have more from our Mr Porter shoot on the website and Facebook.

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