Thursday, 19 April 2012

M&S Savile Row Inspired

Richard James is a bit of a Savile Row legend... one of the 'New Establishment' Tailors on The Street - RJ and co have been producing quality suits on Savile Row since they opened in 1992... and introduced Saturday opening to that row of Tailors that has remained much unchanged in 200 years... what a rebel...

Thats him, thats Richard James... few tips there about how to look super fly in your Savile Row suit. And incase you hadn't picked it up, he's designed a classically British range for M&S, using ENTIRELY British fabrics. 

We produced this at Big Sky Studios in London. A beauty of a set build if we do say so ourselves! Big thanks to Jamie Hind at Cloud and Horse. Once again, as we've talked about many times before, the importance of the construction and the heritage was really important to this shoot. The below images were shot at Richard James' Savile Row shop. Read more about our adventures on/obsession with Savile Row HERE!


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What: Savile Row for M&S
Who: Simon Clark @ Select
Where: Big Sky via London
Art Director: Kate Goode
Photographer: Lorenzo Agius @ A&R
Set Build: Jamie Hind @ Cloud & Horse


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