Thursday, 5 April 2012

(y)Our M&S

We've been so excited to see these images!! We produced this shoot for M&S in Cape Town only back in mid March, and we couldn't wait to see these finals - we knew it would be a summer - stunner. The trip had a pretty major glitch to start off with - there was a problem with the plane that the team (including Gary Barlow) were on and they had to do a 360 and land back in the UK... better safe than sorry!

Once everyone had arrived safe and sound it was a really fun shoot. Those of us who had to stay in the UK waiting for the hot weather to reach us kept up to date with the behind the scenes gossip from Lisa Snowdon (; - got to love Twitter!

M&S wanted to create a campaign that took customers on a journey through the perfect British Summer - including an egg and spoon race and a Twiggy - hosted garden party, puppy included! This really will be a summer that we can be proud of here in London, with the Jubilee and the Olympics - Woo, Rule Britannia! 

The big secret of the campaign was the luv-leh Gary Barlow, who recorded a version of George Harrison's Here Comes the Sun especially for the advert. It's GB's 1st solo song in more than a decade! It's going to be the one we're humming all summer long isn't it... 

What: M&S
Who: Gary Barlow, Twiggy, Myleene Klass, Dannii Minogue, Lisa Snowdon, Noemie Lenoir & Jamie Redknapp
Where: Cape Town via London
Photographer: Uli Weber @ Terri Manduca
Stylist: Kate Halfpenny (here she is!)

Hair: Billie Currie @ DW Management & Matthew Wade @ Carol Hayes Management
Make Up: Nicky Tavilla @ Terrie Tanaka
Cape Town Production Team: Egg Film


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