Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Howick was shot on a beauuutiful winters morning, 7am start on the banks of the Thames...  The team met at London Rowing Club, Putney for a shoot that looks like an early summers day - not 2nd December!!

The two models Benj Lee and Chris Walters from Select are the front two in the images below ... the other two guys? Well, they are a lovely pair of rowers... from the rowing club, who agreed to hang out on the water in the background of the shots for the day.

So, despite the deceptive smiles, these lads would have been freeezing! What professionals! Luckily some of the shots were indoors, in the beautiful club room. You can see AD Mitchell there making sure everything is looking just right... 

We are thrilled with how this shoot, the team did an amazing job, and as always, the list is a long one...

What: Howick
Who: Benj Lee & Chris Walters @ Select
Where: London Rowing Club, Putney
Art Director: Mitchell Belk
Photographer: Diego Merino
Stylist: David Nolan @ Ellison Lee
The lovely Rowers: Adam & Nikoli

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