Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Summer 2012 at White Stuff

Here it is! The beautiful new White Stuff catalogue, for Summer 2012... We ventured all over London for this - some of which was shot outside, and the weather held up!! We pull out all the stops here! First up in the catalogue is this British Summertime beauty, shot at the aptly named Blossom Street Studio complete with Blossom, bunting, union jacks and helium balloons. 

 Look closely ... the back ground is a painted!!! The elements of this picture perfect scene were put together by the fair hand of Prop Stylist Helen MacIntyre... 

Now, it wouldn't be White Stuff without a pup! We shot two days at Tea Room Studios for the True Brit story. Loads of lovely pastel union jacks! All of the stories can be seen at www.theproductionfactory.com under clients - where else!

And of course, the Lido ... scroll down for the brrrrrr behind the scenes shots!!

As always ... it's a big list...

What: White Stuff Summer 2012
Who: Jonnie @ Storm, Gerard Smith @ Models 1, Misha @ M&P, Aneu @ Models 1, Max @ Elite, Sabine & Vera @ Select, Hannah Shaw @ IMG
When: 1st, 6th, 7th and 9th March 2012
Stylists: Rachel Caulfield, Charlotte Austwick
Hair & Make Up: Diana @ ERA, Paula Valencia
Digital: Pixi Pixel
Prop Stylist: Helen MacIntyre
Still Life Stylist: Emilie Butler


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