Thursday, 28 June 2012

PriMiami - Summer 2012 for Primark

Too many images here, but we're obsessed. Actually, that may be an understatement. Photographer Andreas Pettersson has done an incredible job on these absolute stunners for Primark. Not to mention Stylist Paula Hughes - what a dream team this turned out to be! 

We produced these in Miami back in February. It is a lovely showcase of our beautiful locations in the land of The Golden Girls - Hotels, Motels, Holiday ... pools ... beaches/suburban streets, the list is endless (; 

If you're a sun-chaser, like we are, get your peepers round a million more locations on offer in our slice of subtropical paradise HERE

You can see more behind the scenes from this shoot HERE, and if you're curious in general, we have a whole album HERE
What: Primark Summer 2012
When: February 2012
Photographer: Andreas Pettersson
Stylist: Paula Hughes
Hair &Make Up: Gianluca
  If you want to see more from the campaign - and I bet you do - they're HERE


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