Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Primark in Miami (Bienvenido a Miami)

... sing it, it fits! The sun is in the sky and we are all over the Primark shoot, it's sun drenched high summer at it's best. Get us to the beach... NOW!

We worked with the super talented The One Off and photographer extraordinaire Rhys Frampton to produce these scorchers  (heh heh) back in February. Please, lets just take a moment to appreciate the incredible beach we have in Mimai...

... bit more of a moment ...

... ok. This was an EPIC set on the beach, check out the behind the scenes shots lifted, lovingly from Rhys Frampton's blog. (There are far too many, but we are really proud of this one!! The colours make our beach look delicious!!) Once you've finished up here, head on over to RH's website, there are a load of treats over there!

Beautiful, right? Head over to our website for more - www.theproductionfactory.com

Who: Sabine & Olena
What: Primark High Summer 2012
Where: The Production Factory - Miami
When: February 2012
Photographer: Rhys Frampton
Photographers Assistant: Rob Parker
Stylist: Lucie McCullin @ A&R
Make Up: Adam De Cruz
Hair: Gow Tanaka

Last word goes to Rob ...



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