Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sisley Young A/W 2012 Produced in LONDON

Sisley Kids are back. We love this time of year, it's always such a beautiful production, and we've said it before, but HOW COOL ARE THESE KIDS?!

We shot in the beautiful Library and the surrounding area of The Athenaeum Club, which has a bit of rich old English history, dating back to 1824 ...

It was designed by 24 - year - old architect Decimus Burton who could already boast the layout of Hyde Park, and later would design another of our recent shoot-favourites; Kew Gardens (see New & Lingwood at Kew HERE). It's members over the past ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY EIGHT YEARS is a pretty impressive list of ... men ... The Club can boast 52 Nobel Prize winners at last count, and at least one in every category. The club's first secretary was no other that Michael Faraday. Having MF as a member ensured that the club was one of the 1st buildings to be lit by electric light, in 1886... good to have members with huge brains!

Another claim to fame is the stair case. At the foot of this is where Dickens & Thackeray laid to rest their 12 year feud, stemming from mutual respect, jealousy and the rumor mill. Thackeray was near death, and Dickens approached him for a hand shake, William Thackeray died weeks later. Another reason why this year is the year of London (WOOO!!) ... it is Charlie D's 200th Birthday, and we all know how engrained in our fair city Mr. Dickens is!

We had reign of the entire building; here in London we can get you into all the exclusive clubs (; In these shots you can get a glimpse the 1st floor Library housing 80,000 books. The clubhouse, is currently decorated in a theme derived from Decimus Burton's own sketches, which have been retrieved from the archives recently. Look closely, you can see some of the mahogany furniture that was designed for the club by Burton. They can be recognised from his drawings... FEET OFF THOSE SEATS!!

Who: Ian Borrk @ Ugly Agency, Marni Boyd @ Bruce & Brown, Lilian Rowe @ Alphabet Kids, Emelia Bowden @ Urban Angels, Charlie Adams @ Doreen English, Charlie Smith @ Grace & Galor, Max Henderson @ Elisabeth Smith, Callum Norman, Maisy Smith and Eloise Stevens @ Kids London
What: Sisley Young A/W 2012 via London
Where: London
When: January 2012
Photographer: Jimmy Backius @ Camera Link
Stylist: Jet Vervest
Hair & Make Up: Ignazio Alonso
Filming: Jonas Hjelte

More images from the shoot can be seen HERE in our London Clients on the website -


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